Aioi City:Aioi Peron Festival—A huge event signaling the start of summer
Tatsuno City:Experience history in the surrounds of Tatsuno Castle
Ako City:A procession of warriors at the Ako Gishi Festival
Shiso City:An exciting autumn festival at Iwa-jinja Shrine
Sayo Town:Stroll the post town of Hirafuku
Taishi Town:Prince Shotoku and Ikaruga-dera Temple
Kamigori Town:Seated statue of Akamatsu Enshin, a Tangible Cultural Property of Hyogo Prefecture
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History & Culture

Harima is a place where the lifestyles and cultures of ancient times are still alive. History has been passed down through countless generations and can be felt throughout the region even today.

Hyogo Prefecture Nishi-Harima area

Abound with nature, Nishi-Harima is located between the sea and the mountains, and comprises four cities and three towns. Each season, the region displays its stunning scenery, and colorful flowers can be seen year-round.


Nishi-Harima is a treasure trove of delicious foods. It is home to sake, salt, soy sauce, and somen noodle producers, while the fertile Harima plains and the mineral-rich Harima-nada sea yield a variety of other produce. Conger eel, pike conger and oysters are but some among the outstanding selection of seafood available.


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